Winter exists in Greece, too!

Winter exists in Greece, too!

Skiing in Greece? CAN be true…

Kalavrita is one of the best ski resorts in Greece, located in the Northern Peloponese, with each highest peak at an altitude of 2355 meters.
Hania (Pilio)
At Hania, on clear days, you can have the view of Zagora and the Aegean Sea…
Vasilitsa is probably the Greeks’ snowboarder’s favourite resort!
Vigla or Pisoderi
Pisoderi usually gets a lot of snow and it is very close to the Prespa lakes
Kaimaksalan or Voras mountain is located just on the borders with FYROM, while it is only about 45 minutes away from Edessa in Northern Greece.
Vitsi is one of the smallest ski resorts in Greece but on sunny days, it promises extraordinary views of the city of Kastoria and the surrounding mountains!

Details and further information

Live streaming with snow cameras and details on weather conditions

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