How to spend 5 days in Milos

How to spend 5 days in Milos

Milos, the island of Venus, is one of the Cyclades group of islands, famous for its numerous and beautiful beaches.

Each year it becomes more and more popular especially among the foreign tourists who often choose to combine it with Santorini or Folegandros. Many Greeks refer to Milos as the “couple’s island”. Its volcanic past with the impressive coastal formations of white and red rocks set a rather charming destination. Following are some insider’s suggestions about how to spend 5 days on this lovely island!

Arrive by air or ferry at Adamas. This is the main port and you can reach it either from Piraeus (Athens) or Heraklion (Crete). During the summer, Milos is connected with several Cycladic islands, like Sifnos, Serifos, Santorini, Folegandros, and Paros. There is also another (small) port at the north part of the island, called Polonia, which is daily connected only with Kimolos.


1st day

Explore Papafragas and the surrounding area; long narrow gulfs next to each other with deep blue waters and points where you can sneak through the caves. Nearby, Alogomandra is another interesting beach.


Just 10 minutes away, the main hot spot of the island, Sarakiniko, is of unique beauty. It is a lunarscape place formed through the erosion of the volcanic rocks by wind and wave, thereby offering an exciting unusual spectacle. Spend some time to explore the area in multiple directions; walk on the pirates’ aisles which you can view as holes on the rocks and go diving and jumping off the sheer cliffs to swim in secret caves.

For those willing to wake up early, the sunrise promises exquisite shots!


Suggested places to eat: Pollonia is well known for its lovely restaurants by the seaside where you can taste the best fish food on the island! Choose from a selection of nice tavernas like Rifaki, Armira and Rakomelo, where you can also marvel at a golden sunset!

Polonia during the sunset

2nd day

If you are an early morning wakener, Firopotamos is one of the best beaches to appreciate the sunrise while swimming closely to caves where Monachus Monachus seals might be hiding. Plathiena presents another beautiful beach in the north; the giant rocks known to resemble bears stand just outside the bay.

Sunrise at Firopotamos
Bear resembling rock viewed from Plathiena

Visit a picturesque and quiet place to feel the calming energy of an evening by the sea. Klima is a vivid and colorful village, where fishermen used to keep their boats in hideouts, known as Sirmata. You can find similar characteristics at different spots on Milos, like Mandrakia or Fourkovouni which are small fishing harbors, filling in the rare and impressive island architecture.


Venus de Milo was discovered somewhere nearby! Capture the fantastic scenery with your camera but save some energy to spend some time at Plaka, the capital of Milos. Wander around the beautiful cobbled paths or take a walk to the top of the hill to enjoy an unforgettable sunset from the medieval castle. In a different case, look for the church known for its breathtaking viewpoint: an excellent balcony facing the endless blue of the Aegean Sea; there you will be amazed of the variety of colors while the sun goes down.

Avli is the place to eat at Plaka and Utopia for ice cream or drink.


Within a few minutes’ walk from Plaka, Tripiti is another fine village to reward you with its windmills and paved alleys. Take a stroll around and pick to dine at one of the many classy restaurants waiting for you to taste the local dishes whilst taking pleasure of an idyllic sunset.


Writer’s choices to eat: Glaronisia (also provides catering services for weddings, christenings, and other social events) or Belivanis (at Triovasalos) for the best souvlaki. Medusa at Mandrakia if you like privacy.

3rd day

Head it south and spend your day in a dreaming, long, sandy beach. Firiplaka is the absolute paradise of calmness!


On the other hand, if you like small and more isolated shores, you have an additional choice just 5 minutes away from Firiplaka; follow the signs to Tsigrado and use a rope to get down to a golden sand beach with green-blue waters.


Suggested place to eat at the area: Maistrali (Provatas)

If you are looking for entertainment venues, then you should get to know Adamas better; this is where the nightlife actually happens. Just opposite the port, climb up the stairs, and have a drink at any of the bars with the lovely, welcoming balconies overlooking the dock. Have a drink and listen to the music in a romantic ambiance or dance until the morning.

Akri Coffee-Bar at Adamas

Plaka‘s fancy coffee places may also be an option but not until too late at night. You can even check out the schedule for some live music scenes.

4th day

Plan to go on a boat trip and hold your breath in awe of the fantastic coastline and the fascinating coves around the island. Majestic Kleftiko, the famous den of pirates, stands as the main attraction of the multiple sailing trips you will be advised to book from day one of your arrival on the island. It is ideal for snorkeling and underwater photography.


Alternatively, if you are into adventures, explore the west and east part of the island by driving off-road since these parts are considered secluded, thus not easily accessible (East: old sulfur mines and Kastanas, West: Triades and Agios Ioannis). A great idea is to look for the hiking trail and reach Sikia, an unreal roofless cave, on foot; especially during the sunset, you can have a spectacular view approaching the beach from the hills!

Old Sulfur mines
East and West part of Milos

Note that due to the rare biodiversity, the land and coastal zone of west Milos (the wider region of Profitis Ilias), as well as Antimilos and Poliegos, are protected by the Natura 2000 network.

Another option is to visit Empourios and see the island from a different perspective!


5th day

One of the best beaches of southern Milos, Agia Kiriaki offers a stretched sandy beach to relax and swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters.

Agia Kiriaki

Also located in the south, Paliochori is quite famous since it is definitely the best-organized beach on the island, lined up with beach bars, sun beds, and umbrellas. This is the volcanic area; thus, the sand is quite hot while you can find sites in the sea where water is sizzling. Moreover, the geology of the colorful rocks is clearly remarkable.


In case of windy days (which is not rare, especially during August), plan to go for sightseeing:

The mining museum presents the island’s mineral wealth, mining history and extraction activity since the Neolithic Age.

You can also pay a visit to the Catacombs which date back to the 1st-5th century and are situated in caves of 100 meters above the surface of the sea. Apart from being a cemetery, the Catacombs of Milos are considered to be the most important early Christian monument of workship in Greece.

The Archeological, Folklore, and War museums at Plaka, as well as the Naval one at Adamas can substitute on a cloudy or rainy day.

Suggested places to eat (mainly seafood):

Thalasopetra at Agia Kiriaki or Navagio’s alluring cuisine at Adamas seaside.

Special piece of advice 

  • On selecting a beach, count on the wind and choose to go swimming when its direction is opposite to where the beach is located. This means that when the wind is north, it is recommended to head it south, where there won’t be any waves at the sea; the contrary also applies.
  • In mid-August, don’t miss the panigiri (traditional fest) at Zefiria and/or Tripiti!
  • Pay a visit at the traditional cheece dairy “Charalabakis”
  • Taste ladenia, the traditional pie made with caper, onions, and tomatoes. Also, the watermelon pie which is a local sweet delicacy.
  • If you have more days to spend, experience a different and rather positive aura by visiting Kimolos; it is just 30 minutes away when you take the open type ferry boat from Pollonia Adorable Kimolos

Tour NOT to miss:

Have a look at my story about Kleftiko

Book an all-day trip with Thalassitra

Book the half-day trip with Zephyros (choose between the morning or afternoon departure)

Must do adventure/activity:

Sea kayaking with Rod Feldtmann. To get an idea, please view my story Seakayaking

Further information and bookings

Most unusual attraction:

Poliegos; a small treasure island, worth visiting on a day trip with Perseas boat. Can be combined with Glaronisia which is another deserted island with weird rock formations.

Further details Poliegos day-trip

Contact Andreas to book your trip


Villa Gallis

Book your mode of transportation in advance

  • Rent a car-Contact:
  • Rent a motorbike, ATV-Contact:

You can also follow the mobile-friendly travel guide I created Milos guide

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