Surf the blue experience with North East Aegean Meltemi

Surf the blue experience with North East Aegean Meltemi

A wind brought us to a beautiful Greek island on the 20th of May; Lemnos!

An EU-funded Project within the framework of the European Program “Nautical Routes for Europe” works together with the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund to invest in Nautical, Maritime, Coastal Tourism and Sports.

Meltemi is about nature… How to enjoy the blue and the green of our planet and more importantly why we need to be thoughtful and care about sustainability.

Sunday was devoted to watersports and outdoor activities along the Keros coast and the Surf Club. In the afternoon we visited the Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge-Fishing in the village of Nea Koutali. The evening ended at the Photography Exhibition in Kontopouli village, which was co-organized by the Photography Group of Lemnos and the historic sports association “Ifaistia”.

Today, on the 21st of May, we are celebrating the “European Natura 2000 Day”.

We are all ready to get eco-active…

Students from the Aristotle University, are volunteering for a “beach cleanup” in collaboration with the local community; the Hellenic Coast Guard of Lemnos island, and the local primary school. We are about to talk and learn more about the recyclable and not recyclable waste.

A guided hiking tour (Nature Traveller) will take place afterward at a protected Natura 2000 area, followed by a Gastronomy taste event at Moudros village.

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